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Despite historic belief, men need support too! The burdens of modern life and growing responsibilities can be stressful & overwhelming for even the strongest man. This group series was created to provide a safe space for willing, adult male participants to address the everyday struggles they face and how to cope in healthy and more mindful ways. Participants will learn useful and effective methods to let help in, cope with the complexities of life, and navigate work, fatherhood, and relationships with the guidance of credible, committed, licensed and trusted professionals and leaders.


This initiative was created to provide a safe and supportive space for women to be brave & experience inner victory, sisterhood, and explore healing amongst other women who on the journey to becoming their best self. We will learn effective and practical ways to cope with the unique challenges women face, while still fulfilling the many roles women are expected to fill.


This program is dedicated to giving women, particularly mothers, a second chance to further their education and earning power via educational scholarships, life coaching, assistance with childcare expenses, and other opportunities for advancement.


Proceeds from our annual Mother's Day Brunch, Vision Board Party, and other initiatives make it possible to support this mission to assist women in getting the support they need & deserve to succeed and make their dreams a reality!

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Did you know, 50.1 percent of BIPOC adults 26-49 with serious mental illness did NOT receive treatment due to lack of affordability, insurance, or quality options? The average cost of one therapy session is $60 -$120. Even if insured, many still cannot afford the co-pay. Join us in building this funds by donating up to $50 today to help us cover the cost of individual therapy for those who need it most. Whatever you donate, we'll match it! It's a win win for those needing care, therapist, and our communities!

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Support our mission & help us give more people a second chances.

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