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ARTIST STATEMENT: The main influence in my artwork is the fire that comes before healing your inner demons. The colors in your life will always blend perfectly. The vibrant colors represent how we can turn good things into disasters without realizing it. My favorite part of this work is the mood of fire.

“The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Mariah Lenoir

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  • How Does It Feel?

    The goal of the student art exhibit is to foster the connection between mental health and the arts. How Does it Feel? Is the question we asked  student artists at the Chicago Excel Academy - Roseland school to answer. We wanted to know what mental health means to them. What does it look and feel like visually? Students work was framed and displayed at our inaugural Mardi Gras for Mental Health Gala for patrons to view and bid on. Proceeds from any work sold will be split 50/50 between the student and as donation deposited into our Therapy Fund.

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