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ARTIST STATEMENT: I created this work by expressing the feeling of being alone, or how it feels to be surrounded by chaos and like you are drowning. When the world can be so heavy on your shoulders, it’s all crashing down. I learned a lot from creating this piece. The line of the human body and hoe it curves and lines work together can create emotion in the human soul. I also feel hair can be beautiful, with hearts drawn into it. Hair adds an element of emotional identity to my work.


“Chaos” by Samaria Green

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  • How Does It Feel?

    The goal of the student art exhibit is to foster the connection between mental health and the arts. How Does it Feel? Is the question we asked student artists at the Chicago Excel Academy - Roseland school to answer. We wanted to know what mental health means to them. What does it look and feel like visually? Students work was framed and displayed at our inaugural Mardi Gras for Mental Health Gala for patrons to view and bid on. Proceeds from any work sold will be split 50/50 between the student and as donation deposited into our Therapy Fund.

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